To be a man (1)

To be a man (1)

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Brunch Invitation | To be a man (1)

Invite some of your guests to come back the day after your wedding to continue the festivities during a brunch.

Invitation card to personalize and match your wedding stationery to create perfect harmony.

Single sided card, format 9 x 13.5 cm.

Possibility to embellish the front of the invitation card with gilding, silver or simply give relief to the texts or to one or...

Announcement | To be a man (1)

Complicity, tenderness and sensitivity ... Invite your relatives and friends with the wedding invitation "To be a man" from the "Illustration" Collection. They will be charmed by its softness, lightness and its delicate illustration.

This model includes an announcement (recto / verso cardboard - format 10 x 15 cm). Free white envelope 16 x 11 cm.

Possibility to enhance the...

Mass booklet | To be a man (1)

The ceremony is the great moment when you will say "yes" in front of your families and friends together ! To make this stage of your wedding even more unique and give the same tone to all of your wedding stationery, personalize your Mass Book to the theme of your announcement.

Once your book of mass in hand, you will only have to print the inner sheets on A4 paper, fold them and...

Menu | To be a man (1)

Is the number of guests defined and your wedding menu established ? So not to neglect any detail while betting on a touch of elegance and aesthetics, the menu wedding menu is the ideal element to continue to surprise your guests and complete your table decoration !

Front / back page, format 10.5 x 20.5 cm.

Possibility to decorate the front and / or back of the wedding menu with...

Place marker | To be a man (1)

The place marker allows each guest to find their place easily. Place it next to, in front of or on a plate. Matching the table decoration, it will seduce your guests when you come to eat !

Place card matching the announcement. One or more different models to distinguish men from women.

Front sheet only, square format 7 x 7 cm.

Possibility to decorate the front of the...

Table plan | To be a man (1)

To make it easier for your guests to find their way around, display the seating plans at the entrance to your room. You need as many cards as there are tables. Do not hesitate to give a name to your tables according to the theme of the wedding and above all do not forget to indicate the list of people by table.

Also install on each table the small table marker and place marker with...

Sticker | To be a man (1)

Your announcements are ready and it's time to send them to your guests to let them know the good news. And as we often say, the refinement is hidden in the small details that make all the difference!

Designed to add a personalized touch, this self-adhesive label is ideal for closing your envelopes when sending your announcements.

You can also stick it on small gifts reserved...

Table marker | To be a man (1)

The table decoration is made up of a multitude of little things that should not be overlooked. This table marker is to be placed in the center of your tables to allow guests to easily find the way to their table and their assigned place.

You can also plan to install a large matching table plan at the entrance to your room. It will allow, at a glance, to inform the guests on their...